Meet Tonic, a love affair pieced together by touch.

A motif for the softness of shared physicality, Tonic is sculpturally simple yet tangibly compelling.

Gestures of knit in painterly hues praise the figure, creating a detailed stencil of the body.

Comprised of over 50% recycled polyester and top notes of wool, the feel and form of each piece bears luxury in each fibre. Driving a sense of synthesis, Tonic is svelte in silhouette and resolved in rigour.

Each breath of colour is an act born of love for the self, scaling a window of haptic opportunity to echo the closeness of affection.

Tonic mimics an evolution of lightness, fluidity and subtlety, energised by touch.

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"Our slowly-made signature pieces celebrate the body in every thread - trends come and go, but staples are forever"