To refine the objective and purpose of Staple & Hue, we are constantly assessing the ways we can manage our ethical and environmental footprint.


To us, sustainability encapsulates every facet of our brand, from our materials to our full collections to the things we practice in our day-to-day.

We want you to be able to shop with a conscience, buying from a brand that is as transparent as possible. We understand that feeling empowered and empowering others are two different things, but we will devote ourselves entirely to both through our ethical and sustainable mission.

It’s important to us that we protect the surroundings that inspire us to create, and support the people who motivate us to thrive. These values are neatly consolidated into our core belief, 'Wear with care, your future needs you'.

All Staple & Hue products are designed for longevity, wearability and versatility, becoming the pillars of your wardrobe. Well-made, considered designs allow you to build a wardrobe that you can wear and re-wear until your heart’s content. 


To curb over-consumption, we batch-create designs and release small collections under a slow production model.

In the interest of circularity, we manage our inventory to ensure no stock is left behind. This is why you will see the occasional warehouse sale, at which time we offload our samples and remaining products. Over-production and waste are major issues driving unethical production, however our business model reduces this risk significantly.

For detailed information, please check the fabrication in each product description. We are open about when we are using recycled materials and exactly when synthetic fibres are used to create lasting garments.


All products are received in a protective biodegradable bag as well as a postage satchel. Biodegradable materials take up to six months to break down completely and return to the environment, compared to synthetic counterparts which can last forever. Until your packaging shows signs of wear and tear, you can reuse the bag for returns, storage and any other purpose you see fit.


A comprehensive commitment to sustainability requires looking at the people as well as the planet. Nothing we do exists in a vacuum, and working with a socially proactive mindset allows us to mitigate our impact and offset potential harm in our supply chain.

With each collection, we pledge a charitable amount to a cause close to our hearts, fighting for something bigger than we are.

Behind the scenes, we are always evaluating how we contribute to social discourse and how we can adapt to the needs of our community. In every aspect of our business, we value people over profit and act accordingly.


We are evolving as people and as a brand, and are wholly dedicated to becoming more ethical and sustainable with each collection. We have our sights on various milestones and will keep you updated as to any developments, from the logistics stage to when we land in your wardrobe.

For more information, please DM us on Instagram or send us an email at and we’ll respond as promptly as possible. If you have any ideas of local groups or those who could be in support, please don’t be shy to share to us also!

We owe you endless gratitude for your support, and thank you for joining us through each chapter of Staple & Hue.