The Staple Project was endowed by Founder, Sera Bagnall in 2021 with the vision of uniting the world of fashion with social justice.
We are committed to creating an equal-for-all world by inspiring humanity, upholding dignity and nurturing a shared community.
Every human being in this world should have undeniable access to life's necessities - basic staples such as; clean water, adequate food, sanitary products, clothing, housing, education and medical care.
It would be ignorant to think we could do this all by ourselves, which is why we will be working alongside organisations that advocate for universal change and the betterment of humanity.
Within every Capsule, we promise to commit to a social cause that fights for something bigger than us.
In conjunction with our Infinity Capsule, Staple and Hue promise to donate $5 of every purchase to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia.
We are so much more than fashion.
Our staple pieces are striving for staple needs, and our customers are changing the world. 
Your purchase is impacting the lives of so many, and we thank you for your contribution.
Wear with care. Your future needs you.
Staple and Hue x