CREATORS PROJECT: The making of our INFINITY Capsule

Rising beside every successful Director are passionate and inspired collaborators - advocates, investors and champions of the business. 

Stitched within the tapestry of a brand's digital presence are dedicated creatives with an eye for artistic revelation. Staple and Hue's vision is fostered and fulfilled through cutting-edge and innovative strategies that produce aesthetically curated content and messaging. 

From ideation and design to campaign stories and advertising, The INFINITY Capsule was imagined through the eyes of seven extraordinary people. Welcome to a series of wonderful things - Staple and Hue's Creators Project offers exclusive access inside the minds behind the Capsule.


Director & Designer - Sera Bagnall @stapleandhue

Q: Tell us your vision with the INFINITY Capsule and what inspired the pieces?

A: INFINITY, in three words, is - Luxurious, Relaxed, Understated.

The Infinity Capsule is inspired by the effortless and infinite luxury that warm and neutral tones exude. These pieces were designed and hue-corrected to complement an endless array of skin tones. 

Staple and Hue designs unique pieces that you can mix and match with one another - versatility and wearability promote long-serving, sustainable fashion. This Capsule is perfect for dressing up or down to suit every antic and adventure. 

Our slogan 'Wear with Care' is something that I want to empower across our entire brand identity, so we decided that our first graphic piece would express that slogan. Find it on our new Crewneck Jumper and Staple Tote. 


Q: How do you curate your team of creatives?

A: Likeminded people are my kind of people. Each person I work with is passionately creative, with unwavering attention to detail in their field or craft. People that are up to date with trends, forward thinkers,/think outside the box with an effortless approach to their work. 

I always select models that platform their uniqueness and natural beauty first and foremost. It is imperative that Staple and Hue uplifts and empowers women of colour, varying ethnicities, culture and size - diversity should never be tokenised but instead celebrated. 


Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of running Staple & Hue?

A: The most rewarding part of my job sees each collection component come together exactly how I envisioned it. From designing and sampling to location-scouting and shooting... and then creating the content - I revel in every aspect of it.

The entire journey is so extraordinary for me; I get the opportunity to work intimately with friends and creators, forming such a tight-knit team. We all bring a unique aspect to the brand which comes together seamlessly.



Creative Lead - Liam Wall @_alwaysstudio

Q: How do you express yourself creatively within the brand?

A: "My creativity thrives within limitless opportunity.

I am constantly working on different projects, seeing something out from the idea stage to creation. Whether it's designing graphics for ads and our socials, or creating swing tags, posters or flat-lays, it is so rewarding to have that freedom. 

Sera allows me to express myself and my work without boundaries; we bounce ideas and concepts back and forth to produce the best possible end result. We're both creators, not followers."


Q: What is your favourite component of this Capsule?

A: "Biggest Highlight - Designing the INFINITY posters and bombing them around town. It was a thrilling experience and a new way to market the brand. Posters are often overlooked within our very digital society, but traditional marketing definitely has its perks."


Photography & Videographer - Troy Freyee @freyeephoto

Q: What was your favourite moment working on this shoot? 

A: It's hard to narrow it down to a single favourite moment - pretty much the entire shoot day is my favourite; there is so much passion and inspiration flying around the room, the atmosphere is incredible. But, if I HAD to narrow it down, the INFINITY Capsule shoot location boasted so much natural light, it was the showstopper.


Q: What do you love about shooting for Staple and Hue? How does your craft excel within the brand?

A: I love the vision of Staple and Hue. It's high-end, it's high-fashion, and it's high-quality. I admire the variety and detail of every piece in each collection; everything Staple and Hue produces is designed for excellence. The clean and effortless styling screams luxury.

My style with Sera's vision is a match made in heaven - I am brimming with excitement for the brand's future and can't wait for our next campaign together.



Business Strategist - Courtney Hutchins @plandstudio

Q: What do you love about the brand's attitude to growing and scaling?

A: Sera is incredibly driven and passionate about learning and growing; she is an exceptional forward-thinker and creative, who ensures she plans well ahead of time - merits that are seated at the table of brand-prosperity. 

This INFINITY Capsule has enabled us to go beyond the numbers and truly help re-define her brand through building out a Corporate Social Responsibility, VIP Program, solidifying stockists, and so much more; it's really changing the game for Staple & Hue. 

I love that Sera really knows her audience and holds a solid and authentic presence - product-fit is everything in a highly saturated market. Staple and Hue know their audience and serve them the right product at the right time. 


Q: What are you most excited about for the future of Staple and Hue? 

A: I am elated about our future projects' rollout and how this brand will transform the industry as a whole. We will be ramping things up over the next 12-months and really pushing the envelope with Staple and Hue. When I see this level of trust and collaboration in a brand, I know straight away that success is on the horizon. 

I believe wholeheartedly in the brand's capacity and creativity. Sera's drive and passion will see her take a substantial market share in the fashion industry and achieve and exceed her personal and business goals. 

Oh, and I can't wait for her exciting placement announcements in the coming months! 



Advertising Brandtellers - Laura Maccullagh & Sabian Chase 


Q: What keeps Thats Good Studio excited and engaged when producing Ads for Staple and Hue?


A: Staple and Hue's consistent creative style and taste in their brand tone and imagery allow us to share and cultivate a dope brand that we love and are passionate about ourselves - that always makes it easy!

Exposing the world to Staple and Hue is engaging in itself.


Q: How do you keep the brand's story and visual identity at the top of consumers' minds?

A: We ensure that all Ad copy is on-brand, with an exciting and fluent tonality to complement each platform.

The imagery Staple and Hue curates are unique and offer a distinct style compared to what most brands put out. So, we ensure what we are using when creating different ads reflects the visual identity reflected throughout the brand. 

 We want someone to look at an ad and go, "That's Staple and Hue."




Marketing & Copy - Peyton Hutchins @plandstudio

Q: Would it be weird for me to complete a Q&A when I am the one typing this out...?

A: Yes.

From my inaugural write-up to present-time, penning prose and thought-provoking copy have contributed to some of the best experiences in my writing career. 

Staple and Hue want to push boundaries, break barriers and defy the norm for progressive and high-end fashion. Every line that I compose is a direct homage to the vision of Sera; her zest for creating something with purpose allows me to produce such highly engaging and emotional writing.  

The INFINITY Capsule is an ode to the earth's lifespan and a lesson in consumerism - bridging fashion with the global message that our future needs us to make the right choices today. 

Staple and Hue care; they care a lot. We are constantly consumed by baseless and vague claims of compassion; we often overlook ties when a brand actually does something worthwhile.

Staple and Hue will change the world, one thread at a time.



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