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A glimpse behind our SS23 collection, Indigo.

One of the most enduring classes pf style, denim is as Staple as it gets. Since the inception of Staple & Hue, Founder and Designer Sera Bagnall has always had her eye on denim as an essential premium. It’s versatile and timeless nature ensures it evolves with each season, evergreen and transeasonal.



Constructed from 100% raw indigo denim, the Staple Jacket and Jeans are highly coveted across the world.

Both garments draw on vintage elements - the culmination of years of searching for the perfect denim. From vintage stores in Asia to flea markets in Australia, the perfectly elevated denim styles were nowhere to be found.

Representing five years of design and creation, Indigo by Staple & Hue integrates seamlessly into your wardrobe, complementing the apparel you already own and enhancing your personal style.

The Staple Jeans are perfectly relaxed to flatter the feminine form, with a proportionate inseam and careful waist size that doesn’t compromise form. The Staple Jacket is the boyfriend jacket that is entirely your own, with a corduroy collar and contrasting zip closure. Both garments have a unique depth to them, uniting classic shapes with modern ideas.



Raw indigo denim is a premium textile, usually reserved for slow fashion. The textile is unwashed and untreated, presenting a rich, deep hue that cannot be replicated. It is slightly more rigid than processed denim, ensuring it lasts longer and remains suitably relaxed in shape, without distorting your figure.

Our Indigo capsule will interact with your style and body, thanks to its slightly more rigid composition and lack of processing. Raw denim is designed to show signs of wear over time, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that can be found only in your wardrobe. Fading and textural changes will occur over time, and the shape of each garment will adapt to your body and how you wear them.



Contrary to popular belief, denim doesn’t need to be laundered after each wear. Its durable construction means it can withstand frequent use, and shouldn’t be washed excessively to prevent colour transferral or excessive fading. Unless a denim garment shows visible dirt or odour, it can stay in rotation.

Essence by Staple & Hue creates a limited, four-part series of capsules. Each instalment represents a different fit and feel, creating the ideal wardrobe of Staples. Shop new arrivals here.

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