Sometimes we become so caught up in routine that we forget about life's simple pleasures - those feelings that make each day and every interaction a little brighter, shinier, more sensational.

In honour of our new FLAVOUR Capsule, we asked our community what their favourite feelings were. Whether a specific scent or familiar touch, here's what you had to say:


Holding someone's hand will always be my favourite feeling in the world.

Being present in the moment.

Smelling the scent of someone who means a lot to you.

The moments right before I fall asleep.

Feeling whole and content within myself.


Discovering a new song or album to obsess over.

The crunch from stepping on a patch of dry leaves.

Dancing, alone or with friends.

People who make playlists for you, keep those around.

Phone calls from a long-distance friend or relative that feel never-ending.

The sound of my baby laughing, those bellyaching laughs.

That first sip of coffee.

An entire playlist that matches your mood perfectly, music just knows.

Taking your bra off after a long day.

The way my dog gets excited when I come home, I don't think anything like that feeling exists.

Feeling rested.

The smell of fresh bread, spread with warm butter.

The feel of fresh laundry, dried in the sun.

Spending quality time with someone I love.

The warm morning sun on my skin and a dip into the sparkling ocean.

Lying down after a long day.

Travelling, meeting people, eating new food, exploring somewhere completely new - it's all in the stories you go home with.

Unconditional love.

Eating a good meal and cooking with friends - food is my love language.

Watching the sunrise.

Dessert. There's always room for dessert.

Having a bath when you've been a bit stressed.

Being around ambitious people.

I love the winter sun because its warmth is so stark against the cool air.

When my stomach drops on a rollercoaster - the thrill is incredible.

My Mum makes a birthday cake for me every year, it's the best feeling knowing she loves me so much.

When someone comments on my outfit, I take a lot of pride in how I dress.

Dad's hugs, nothing beats 'em.

Kissing in the rain, dancing in the rain, walking in the rain - doing anything in the rain.

Poetry that knows exactly how to say everything I can't. That's the best feeling.

Pop's jokes are never funny, but I could sit and listen to them for hours.


The drumroll before a kiss, before a hug - like a rolling slowness before something really wonderful happens.

Grass between your bare toes, and the best grass is always on someone else's lawn.

My Nan's hugs, they're always long and so loving.

Turning softened, yellowed pages of an old book.

Being the little spoon, especially when you're in love with the big spoon.

The feeling of that first crisp, cool breeze after summer.

Giving someone a gift you know they'll adore.

Sinking into bed when you're utterly exhausted.

Watching a long-term plan come to fruition.


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